FALCO 600 Catalytic Oxidizer Flowrate / Inlet Pressure Calculator (Remediation / SVE units)

    rev 09/30/15        

This calculator provides an estimate of flow through a FALCO 600 at a catalyst temperature of 330°C with the heat exchanger bypass valve closed**.

Inlet pressure assumes a clean flame arrestor.

Alternatively, if the Flow rate is known, Inlet Pressure may be estimated.

    Known Inlet Pressure:        
    Enter Inlet Pressure
(in H2O)
    Estimated Flow Rate =
    Known Flow Rate:        
    Enter Flow Rate*
    Estimated Inlet Pressure =
(in H2O)
    Note: On units manufactured before 2013, opening the heat exhanger bypass valve will reduce pressure drop by approximately 4-6 in H2O.***  
  * Flow greater than 700 scfm or less than 300 scfm is beyond the normal operating range.
  ** FALCO 600 is normally operated with heat exchanger bypass closed at concentrations < 900 ppmv.
  *** FALCO 600 may be operated with the heat exchanger bypass open at high concentrations.